Summer sun!

Oh,this heat,this scorcher beaming down on us from 93 million miles away,

It’s temperature is just what those 100,000 beach hermits love on Bournemouth beach,

They flocked there yesterday,and camped up in their little metre space,oh what a place,

My love of the beach in the summer has its limits,maybe 20 degrees is mine,

But those young and old sun worshipers should have their day,their ultra violet fix,

Why,this is their time,their halcyon days in the bays of the south coast,

So,wether they be at Boscombe or Sandbanks,let them be,with their hats ,wind breaks and ice cream,it’s what the British summer means,

Soon we will be talking about records:”Hottest day in record!” and the like,

Mums and Dads,Brothers and sisters,young and old,just being traditional,

Fish n chips for tea,fizzy pop for the kids,and glass of wine and beer for mum and Dad,granny and grandad,

These metre square sand palaces won’t last for long,but the memories will,

So,I hope you don’t burn to a cinder,and you enjoy the sandy beaches of Bournemouth,



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