“I just love a good Lion”!

Temperatures have soared again over this past week,and with comparisons dating back to the 1970s,we folks from the Northern hemisphere wonder just how to cope in the baking heat.Why,some folks who retreated to traditionally warmer climates for their retirement might be wondering if their choice was the wisest ,as they talk to their families back home who regale them with stories of scorching heat and record breaking sunfests.

Personally,I’m not good in the sun to such an extent,that I struggle to achieve much of a productive nature,and I feel “sluggish”.During these times,I think of those with respiratory conditions that exasperate and already tough existence and just hope that their support network is good enough to help them through these times.Now,if I jump to Thea I also,please don’t assume that I’ve taken leave of my senses,but I truly worry for all those wonderful domestic dogs in our community,as many struggle to just keep cool.

Social media sites have often posted information for all of us dog owners,and that might appear to be common sense,but we all need reminders of practical steps that we must all take to guard our animals should we be lucky enough to own them.

This Saturday also sees the nation gripped in World Cup fever,and I for one will be turning in -probably shouting at the tv too much,and just being a little feral light as I like to describe myself on occasions such as these.However,I am a lucky man,in that I can clearly remember when we won the World Cup in 66,and I quite understand the exciting that so many are expressing in the nation.Its funny when so many are divided over the Brexit talks,non talks,meetings that don’t appear that cheerful and the like,that football has United a common theme of unity within us that I believe we always have had,but we don’t always like to manifest it.

As excitement seems to be the order of the day,I’ve remembered the exuberance that folk in my small Cornish village showed when we won the World Cup,and I think back to that day,and I wonder what happened to those folks .Many worked in labour intensive mining jobs,or fishermen ,jobs that carried inherent danger.Sometimes,when you work together like that,you have to rely on others not just for your living but for your personal safety and that has a bonding affect.

1966 was just over 10 years since rationing ended in Britain and with it the sheer desperation of our country with so many living in desperate poverty .Living through those times,I still remember those hunger pains ,but I wasn’t the only one from a very large family who felt those times.Back the ,supermarkets ,if you had one in your area ,didn’t rule the high street,and the small independent fruit and veg shop acted as a community hub too.So yes,today whatever the result,will be a community day ,with many watching the game down the local pub or just gathering in their homes with friends and the like.Personally ,I think that is rather lovely and as we do,I will be thinking about that Saturday afternoon in 1966 when people gathered to witness us winning the World Cup at the old Wembley,with a victory of 4 to 2 against West Germany.

So,let’s get behind our Lions today because I just love a good Lion.


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