Just listen!

This oscillating fan signals the height of our African Summer,it is the constant,along with the iced water and the reminiscing about 1976.Granted,I was 19 then,aware of practise rooms with no real air conditioning,hose pipe ban but with no gardens,and not enough ice cream to buy .Now,as the plaster rotor blades whirl around at break neck speed like a Wankel engine,I see a sign in our local electrical store:”Fans now in stock”.Oh the rush that ensued,not quite like the question for bread in an Eastern bloc City,but quite a commotion.Sounds that affect us have their own musical imperatives.Granted,they may not be diatonic ,major or minor,but their presence really is an imperative.This fan that signals relief from stifling temperatures,from humidity that suffocated and drains our energy.Why,the sound of the fan tells me I can appreciate any sound if I co template it’s affects enough.

This model,although not the most expensive,or a brand leader beginning with D and ending in N,is still a fit with me .Sometimes,I ha e fallen asleep with it still on,but somehow I always wake up and release it from its non stop concert.When ido,there is an afterburn of sound such like an inertia where you hear the sound long after it has been neautralised.

As you can see,I’m quite a fan!


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