Raindrops !

It rained during the night ,quite taking us all unawares:Like that surprise amount of money left in our wallet after a day out.You know ,looking at the ground today,it hardly dented the water table at all,such as been the extent of the drought we have endured in Britain.Now,as I hear the augmented sound of rain drops on the conservatory roof,it’s quite a welcome sound and I realise just how much I have missed it,just like a tune that you haven’t heard for many a year being played on pick of the pops.

Rain was a staple weather diet for me growing up in Cornwall and you just got used to it,to it’s incessant counterpoint to any other weather wish,Rain was like chips,you just had them with everything,and I like chips ,always have and never really got used to the term fries.So,the torrent on this early evening descents with gusto,the raindrop prelude from the Malaga afternoon that inspired Chopin .As the conservatory now has a membrane of moisture,the sounds changes almost imperceptibly ,but changes nonetheless in its sonic texture,it’s early evening precipitation.

Funnily enough,I have chips -oven from the co-op £1:59-for tea with fried egg,but it could be anything as long as it’s chips.So,today,it has rained,and I’m having chips with everything.

Have a great evening and enjoy the rain because it does us more good than we would ever know.


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