Thinking out loud.

People love to share,people love to like,people just love to make contact with others.Now,wether the people who read their stuff think it’s good,bad or indifferent is surely their prerogative.We can’t make people like what we do,say ,write,compose,draw,or paint,but we can hope for some sort of reaction,and that is the domain of anyone who would hope to call themselves an artist.Yes,the world out there is a market place,with folk vying for attention,your time and money,but no-one can truthfully impose themselves or their opinions on anyone else.This,to me,is how a pluralistic society should operate:no-one should be presurized to hold any particular belief,opinion,or direction that they are not entirely happy with.

Now,while a person might have adopted a liking for something in the past,that is no guarantee that they will do so in the future:People change,they go off in different directions,they form likings for different things.In fact,I go back to this quote from Dostoevsky:”It’s better to be wrong and follow your own course,then follow another person because they are right”.That great Russian novelist knew the struggle,and the could st for independent thought and conscience.Now,where art and music are concerned,we find a melting pot of opinion and conscience .Yes,there is such a thing as a bad artist,one who definitely can’t paint to which we can employ a measure of objective criteria.However,at its best,great art is still,and always will be ,subjective,and one mans meat is another’s poison.

Education should give all the tools to shape opinion,but surely to be the arbiter of those opinions.Granted,not everyone at all has access to art or art galleries in their area leading to an erosion of appreciation for many purely because of a lack of exposure.

Likewise for music and the performing arts,not everyone has the privilege to enjoy the whole spectrum of music.So many children have never,ever heard an orchestra.That ,to be,is a travesty,leave no them barren in appreciation of the arts.O-Kay,if they are offered the experience and education and subsequently repudiate it,that is their choice,but to not have the chance,that is such a sadness.

But,coming back to the premise of my muse for today:People freeness of speech and their ability to voice their opinion is always of the upmost importance to me.If we can respectfully voice our opinion to another,then society is a richer place,friendship is richer too,and life is so so much more sweeter.Also,we can change our minds if that is our wish.Yes,we can influence others ,but undue influence with a deliberate obscuring of other facts,or views is contrary to a good society.It is also contrary to good friendship too as surely we should all be respected for who we are.

The author that I quoted earlier had his fair share of critics,as so artist do,but it didn’t stop him being himself and his works light a beacon to humanity today with his famous work “Crime and Punishment” a major tale of life even today.

Let’s respect each other and their opinions as best as we can.

Thank you.


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