The Pulse!

It vibrates ,it gravitates,to the strong,to the liver,the survivor:Has the patient got a pulse.?

Yes,a basic ,in medical terms,a human right,in its purest sense,but there ,ever present,ever apparent to all of us.

When we are young,we are taught to feel for a pulse,and when we locate it,it gives us a jolt of pleasure.

Now,long after the first flowering’s of a teenage first aid course,we know the importance of “The Pulse”,we know for sure that without it,life is redundant.

Sometimes,we describe an activity as pulsating,and again,we associate music with having a pulsating beat.

But,truly,my pulse,your pulse,is where we are at moment by moment,and we hope that it can ever be felt in our lives.

So,do things that make you aware of your life pulse,live,and just don’t exist.

Thank you.


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