Summer night!

Tonight,the sky ,fish scale in its red streaks,illuminated the garden,occupying a transient scene.If only for a few minutes it reflected through observation wonder and mystic.As the sun went down for another day,it’s drenching rays gave way to facto humid again obscuring a breeze that could be felt before its disappearance.Light from the sun has almost remedial powers.You can’t look at it with the naked eye,but somehow it heals,invigorates ,stirring memories of past days and years.

Sitting in the garden there ,quite detached from thought or even care made me think of other moments in my life when I’ve just captured moments stolen as they were from the routine cares of every day life.Moments of themselves might not have significance,but as we rekindle them through memory,recollection and reflection,we shine them up,we buff them up so that they stand in us even more.Its when we do that,when we energise life’s moments ,that our appreciation of them grows.Its not possible always due to ability or circumstances to always have what we want permanently,but we all of us have moments that if we are prepared to buff up as it were,nourish us for the banal,the awful drudge of life.When we can capture the moments,nestling them in a memory bottle with a secure lid,then we have a memory anchor.In yesteryear,Ships would drop 4 anchors to secure their boats in rough seas before the onset of break waters,of man made harbours.So to,we might need a number of memory anchors if we are going to ward off the negative things that life throws at all of us.

Of course,at the end of this Summer day,I’m not going to pretend that my life is a horrible existence of poverty and destitution,but neither am I saying that it is a charmed existence either.It is this realism ,on this Summer night that I think we all have to harness the power of our minds to recollect ,not just the bad,but also the good stuff in our life.

While there isn’t a formula for positive thoughts,there surely is a wish to take stock at times on just who we are,what we want to appreciate,and how we might exercise those wishes to influence others in a positive way.Wether we might admit it or it,we all give off an atmosphere to others,and we all ,from time to time,generate a measure of bad feeling towards our there.Wether we mean to or not,it seems to go with the territory of being human.My 60 years of life have taught me that if you point the finger at someone,beware of the three pointing back at you.Yes,humility isn’t a natural gift,and saying sorry is even harder.

At the end of this day,as the sun has gone down,I hope in some small way that the people whom I have taught and cared about feel that I’m a decent sort of chap,worthy of the suns rays.

Enjoy the rest of the summer everyone.


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