It’s just gone ten,well,just a few seconds past the hour really,Sitting in bed with the flicker of the candle in the background and the fan to my right,quite a cocktail of support in this hot,humid atmosphere.My words might seem faintly heard across the ether ,specks of parochial knowledge in this Dorset dormitory,but my words ,my thoughts,my sharing,This muse ,this moment in the backdrop of calibration intermittent firework cachocphony elicits a response from my dogs akin to the hounds of the Baskervilles.Why Conan Doyle would be proud of them,proud of me for my watching a repeat of “Sherlock”My ego is such that I want to share my docile life tonight as if to legitimise my existence in some perverse way,but I’m an opinion giver even when I’m not asked.Wether it’s my Celtic heritage,my inner arrogance,or that I come from. A large family where you just had to speak up to get a hearing.Either way,I belong to the camp :”Everyone is entitled to my opinion”.Now,that is a tas Marmite. I know,but there you go .Some folk are quiet ,weather veins who change their opinions according to fashion,or peer pressure but that isn’t me.If you don’t agree with me,I’m cool with that,but I will always have an opinion.

As the fan whirls around ,leaving the stale air in suspended animation,I hope that my muse won’t become stale .Dont get me wrong,I want to be me,as that is the idea of this muse,now in its 5th year,but I don’t want it to be boring .To enlarge on this,I reckon that we all observe so many different things in our lives ,forming opinions about them in respect to what we know,what we think we know,and our own experience in life.As I have often written,this muse is my take on life,but mostly through the lens of music and the arts.That said,I like to observe things that happen in my own environment ,mostly of a metaphysical nature and ,at times,of a social Psychological dimension too.Now,as I’m not a published scientists in any way,I make no claim to the authenticity of these observations,as they are just my musings.Sometimes,I write about a brief event that has touched me .

These two things that I feel now,that is,the fan and the candle remind me of “the moth and the flame”.Two basic,living breathing things together,on the one hand,but competing with each other too.Quite a metaphor really because I’m reminded that there is no greater humane act than the act of sharing what we have with others,just being able to put our needs to one side ,and to share something of ourselves with another.

Today,as I walked up to my local convenience store,a sentence that I often pen,I was met with an elderly man on his mutability scooter whom I had gotten to know over the past few years.He was so touched that I remembered his name and that I had asked after his son .It seemed such a very small thing,but ,like this twilight muse,with the fan oscillating to the rhythm of my keyboard tap and the flame,with its light and energy,it seemed that I had made his day.

So,yes,everyone is entitled to my opinion ,but that too,is an act of sharing .



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