It’s going to be another hot day!

Starting my muse off by stating the obvious might inform as to my mental ability this morning ,as well as its title being true.Its going to be hot and the older I get,the more aware I am of these extremes in temperatures.Its not that I’m totally averse to the heat,but my body seems ill equipped for its sapping strength.Just a year ago,I was running 10k near the sea in preparation for the Bournemouth marathon festival of 2017 .Well,as you might have gathered,running isn’t on the menu for me today as I don’t feel able to do that.Its not that a year has made that much of a difference to my energy levels,it just appears to be the soaring heat sapping my faculties drying them out.

Now,I get the need to hydrate,to stay cool,to just think about the conditions as these sage words offer an andedote to the rather foolish voices of temperature crash and burn that I’ve seen on the television screens with the levels forcing themselves into the thirties.Someone asked if I like the heat to which I replied after a wry smile:”You know ,I would rather have a south westerly blowing up my bum.Well,taking out that rather crude reposte,that is true,I would,but I can see the joy that this hot weather brings.

Next weekend,the Boardmasters festival happens in Newquay,with events around Fistral and Watergate taking centre stage.Now older folk like me,although being brought up in the area,won’t be there as it is predominately a festival for the young.If the temperatures remain the same,the numbers will be at their height along the coast then,and the sun will enable the coast to resemble the Med more than the traditional Atlantic,giving a feeling of opulence almost rather than the ruggedness that the North coast is.

However,although I won’t be there,I know enough young people who will,some who are seasoned surfers already and music going folk,others who are surfing and music virgins,but I truly hope that they have fun there and a measure of experience that is different from their normal routines because that is what holidays are about.

Earlier when asked if I liked the hot weather I replied ,that I would rather have a South westerly up my bum:well,I’ve experienced quite a few over at Watergate and Fistral over the years.It might not be marketable,because you can’t always stand up in them,but,boy,they don’t have make you feel alive!

Thank you ,on this hot day for reading my rambling muse.



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