My Dogs!

Aloof,self contained,dashing and handsome,brothers,these are my dogs.They are Tibetans ,or to be exact,Tibetan terriers but there isn’t much terrifying about them really.They have been part of our household for nigh on 5 years and they are a central part of it.Spoilt!Definitely,but what pet of pets aren’t .They are from a line of pets that have lived with us over the years here,but these dogs are the first litter mates that we have had.That being the case,they are very self contained,preferring each other in many ways than the traditional role of lap dogs.

Like cats,I sometimes feel like a member of staff to them rather than their owner.Im sure a dog psychologist would have something to say about that,but probably I wouldn’t listen as I dote on them ,showering loads and loads of love upon them at any given opportunity.As I’m home quite a bit during the day at the moment,they have gotten used to my company though,and will often sidle up to me if I’m reading,or trying to play my piano.In this hot weather,they tend to retreat to remaining indoors,rarely venturing out during the day at all,preferring the lounge to the back door porch area.

Like most dogs,they like to bark at the most random things,alerting me to a nonexistent foe.Its amusing really watching them having their standoff’s with the next door neighbours cat which the not so friendly feline coming off best in their encounters.As if to enforce a truce,the mutual dislike they all have for birds tends to diffuse any possible tense situation between.Our feline is quite a girl ,not ta,img any prisoners,and our boys are quite ill equipped for the aggressive nature that our Mary seems to enjoy .Funny really,with a name like Mary you’d think she might be placid,docile even,but not Mary,oh no,she takes delight in her altercations.

Now,as my dogs sleep ,ignorant of their affects on me,I’m glad that they are in my life as they always take me for what I am,never judge me harshly,and somehow are always there.They are real, it fake, not Pseudo .Self contained and aloof true,but they do look very dashing and handsome so they could be forgiven that stance.

Night night boys.



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