Evening sounds.

Evenings in the heat can appear never ending with no hope of relief in the offering.These hours up until bedtime,far from being full of activity,seem to pass in a semi stuporous state.Now,I’ve not been drinking tonight,but this sedentary repose on the sofa isn’t exactly a recipe of endorphin exposure.

Sitting her in front of the tv,I soak up the cycling from the velodrome ,quite interested that it’s called the Sir Chris Hoy stadium,and he is in the media box passing comment on each of the races.Its a shame that no matter how much sport we watch,we won’t get fitter by just consuming on our sofa.I suppose though,that the idea of exercise,the positive peer pressure if you like,does often provide us with the impetus to get out there ourselves.

It’s at times such as these that I miss watching sport with my sons,the sheer contagion of joy when their team would score a goal as we consumed our cans of beer together .With the both in different geographical locations now,these times when we enjoy watching together are indeed rare,but the memories are still there.Admittedly,life can’t be just about memories,and we must live life in the moment for ourselves,but memories have their bottled joy as such.

Sometimes,I have a habit of just wanting sound ,be it,music,or speech,or even a background din.Some people crave silence and I totally get that,but recently,I’ve felt a security in the chatter of u known voices,the laughter of children playing with their families on the beach at Bournemouth.Why,these sonic counterpoints reflect n energy,a glow if you like that I can feed off when my energy levels ,my mood if you like,is low.

I wish that I had a little more energy ,was less tired ,but I intend to feed off the sounds of humanity,selfishly drawing strength from their evervescance.When we listen to the joy of others,we can ,little by little ,regain a strength,because isolation isn’t a good stance and being an emotional hermit means we become stuck in a dead end.

Even though I’m not watching the television,I’m enjoying the Jamaican accents the reggae background music,this sonic collage,like honey ,comb honey to me.My senses have been sensitised by exposure to these sounds and even though I’m not interpreting them now,I’m still comforted by them.


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