Lubricating the wheels of life

Sometimes a smile,a hello,although seemingly both small jesters,each have a power within themselves to lift the recipient,Today,I was reminded of this yet again as I went about my life :Just saying hello to the postman ,offering him a drink of water in this searing heat,not a massive thing,not really a game changer as such,but it seemed so important to him that I did.So many things in life are about perspective though:to me,just providing some water with some ice in it wasn’t a big deal,but it must have been to this man.

While it’s true that my work schedule allows me to be far more flexible with my time,it’s also the case that we all have a measure of flexibility in what we can do for others.Lots of pressures are on us all,but we truly don’t know what battles our friends or family are fighting each day,what they have to carry in the way of burdens ,so these little things can mean so much.

If learning from others includes the obvious objective criteria,it surely should include our qualities ,our character traits too.Being around a person who wants to share to give of themselves is a positive thing,and yes,it’s not rocket science,it’s not going to solve the worlds problems,but it will lubricate the wheels of life,making things become less of a burden to carry for others.

This has been a brief muse ,but it seemed salient nonetheless.

Thank you.



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