Rain has truly arrived!

For what seemed months,the parched ground here threatened to bake any goodness out of itself.Each day brought temperatures that defied previous years,causing us all to wonder if it would ever rain again,that is,until now.Its just poured day ,drenching everything in its path.We are now catching our breath as a lull in the downpour ushers in a little reflection.Wether this rain will submerge the water table is debatable,causing vigilance in case of flooding,but this coating of drops from the skies is so very welcome.

As thunder is Heard over yonder,I’m bracing myself for another shower,tHe intensity of which is as loud as a symphony orchestra. Now,the one o clock news reports rain at Lords for the test,and the surrounding towns and cities receive their water gifts from the heavens.Maybe,s it comes down,we might take a moment to realise that water is a precious commodity,it is so important to us,and we should be grateful for its arrival.

Of course,areas of the country during this August month won’t be enjoying this change in weather pressures.Wet weather if your camping is truly no joke especially in coastal conditions,so let’s hope that we don’t see constant rain .

Kettledrum thunder continues to rain down,with not any relief on the horizon.My hope is after a few days that the grass will green up,the plants will flourish and the trees will soak up through their roots some the This moisture.

So,what’s my point?Well simply,we can shower others if we chose to do with our words,our smile,our helping hand.Yes,by being the best human being that we can be,we can ,as James Taylor penned in his song:”Shower the people with love”.


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