Caught short.

Today has highlighted to me the false sense of security as regards weather conditions that I’ve got into of is often the case with me that frequent my local convenience store of a weekend.Over the past couple of months,I’ve got used to dressing for the hot weather conditions ,not even thinking about rain let alone preparing for it.

Well today,I might have been aware of a rain shower in the morning,but this afternoon,I walked up to the store with the dark clouds above me looming ,looking menacing,foreboding.If I got to the store without getting a Drenching,I wasn’t so fortunate in my return journey.While,as previously stated,I was aware of the changing weather ,I have been so used to the hot weather,that it has passed me by as regards any logical preparations.

Now,I understand that so many of my posts of late have either directly or indirectly been about the weather,it was this subtle conditioning of my mind that I found so interesting.You see,in my mind,it was as if the heatwave was still with us,and I was still in the throws of the sweltering hot sunny conditions.

Isn’t it funny how we can get so stuck in a routine and we fail to be conscious of physical changes .In my case,I hadn’t really clocked these changes,had I ?

Quite a silly thing to do,but I wondered how many things we could all do without ever questioning if that is still the best way.I wonder.

Well,I might just have to look out my coat for further visits to the shop.

Thank you.



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