Observing Pain!

“Will I get better?”

“Why does it hurt so much..?”

“Why me”?

Those cluster questions,

Those endless probes to your soul,

Those stark choices between life and lifelessness,

“When am I going to get out of here”

“Will I go to work?”

“Why me”, repeated!

You should know ,your dad,dad is supposed to know!

You lie ,not because your a bad person,but because your a desperate person!

You wish that it were YOU,yep,You,you the one with the pain,not your child!

So,you know there is pain,you hear it,you are alerted to the machines,the sounds,the smells of pain,oh yes,your a bloody expert on it.

Doctors use Greek words to sanitize pain:They call it Palliative care:such a soft word,a less known word,like an unmanned drone attack.Its not a tank of a word like PAIN.

No,what man ,women,or child doesn’t understand the phrase:”Doctor,can you give me something for the pain”?

Why,life doesn’t go on forever,but Pain that can paralyse us all ,pushing us dense conclusions that Pain is universally hated by all.It is the enemy of the human race and far more so then death itself,it is the pain that many suffer daily ,weekly,and sometimes hourly that creates permanent misery,

As I have observed pain over my life,I now have far more empathy for those that would pursue medications that allows for pain to be diminished in their lives.

Thank you .



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