Waking up.

My eyes detected light before the lids opened,a sort of sneaky peek into the day stirring my curiosity for what might be in store for me.For once,the stimulus wasn’t sound oddly,but the light ,faint and weak,but light nonetheless.It conjured up a sketch in my mind of pictures that I’d seen in galleries ,superimposed unto my mind almost.At that time I thought that it would be good to know if others had the same when they woke up of a morning but the thought passed ,with me return to other things.Those other things didn’t resonate as strongly,didn’t capture my attention as the picture sketches did.

For a good percentage of my life,I have been fascinated by the studies and sketches of artists and when the NG had an exhibition of the sketches of Turner,I was so drawn to them as they told stories of his light sketches .Sometimes,what we think we see isn’t always the reality,but more a perception of reality that we can then process into a workable template of existence,Over the years,as I have sought meanings for things,the whys and the wherefores as such I’ve come to realise that one persons reality is another’s fantasy and each has its merits ,it’s good if you like.However,I’ve always been sensitive if you like to the respect of another’s existence even if I don’t agree with them as these realities are what is fuelling them in the life they have.

As the first light hit me this morning,that is ,before my eyelids opened,I thought of Monet and his use of colour to mesh shapes,meshing life ,freezing it in time almost.We are surrounded on social media with his images of colour and I got to thinking that we could,if we are not careful,relegate their power because they are so freely available.In times past,we would have had to travel to view his art to the far flung galleries in the large cities of the world.Now,with the internet,we all can have access to his vibrancy ,his take of life through art.Light ,even in its sketchy shapes,enlists the imagination in all of us,and what we see isn’t the same as another.Visiting galleries is an experience not just for us as we look the art work,but also the experience of observing others as they do the same.Admittedly,over the years,our galleries in Britain have seen a huge proliferation in the numbers attending from overseas but that is a good thing as it preserves these treasures for all to see.

Now,my eyelids have opened,I’ve allowed more of the objective shapes to take centre stage and fore mostly ,they occupy the present.These levels of consciousness of light allow for a more delicate consumption to me ,like the trickle of water from a leaking tap,we observe it more,we appreciate it more.

So,that was my first thought this morning just before I opened my eyes.

Here is hoping that your day spurs you on to the appreciation of the arts,of the good things in life.



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