Bank holiday .

“Are we nearly there yet,are we nearly there yet”,rang out in the family car of the Andrews as they navigated their way down from the Black Country towards their holiday destination,Cornwall.Their children,bored and frustrated by the constant traffic that moved at a snails pace through the spine of the country didn’t quite get that they weren’t the only family who were “getting away for that final weekend” before school started again.If they were the only solitary ones,then maybe their unison Timmy Mallet chant wouldn’t have to be on repeat .Their parents,Bob and Jill,far from fitting the stereotype,loved the children that they felt privileged to adopt ,covering them in a blanket of care and as many of life’s good things as they possibly could.

As Bob Andrews struggled to drive after an accident at work a few years ago,it was down to Jill to be chauffeur.She didn’t mind because she loved Cornwall and she loved the way they all seemed to relax more away from the city and all the pressures of school and work.Bob,although physically not always in the best of shapes,was a fine man,a man with the biggest of hearts and lovely brown eyes to match,He still amazed her even now the way that he could listen to her and to their children.They were their pride and joy and seeing them grow up meant so much to Jill because she had known the loss of her parents as. Teenager,and nothing was more important to her than family.Yes,her job had its pressures,as all nursing can,but she loved the caring aspect of it,and didn’t allow it to deflect from her joy of being a mum.

“Are we nearly there yet dad”, came the dulcet sounds of their boy soprano son Jake,quickly followed by the same refrain from Phill,the baby of their family.”No boys,not quite,but mum is the best of chauffeurs and is really helping us to make good progress.

Bob smiled at Jill,knowing that his care of her boys meant so much to her,and as they hit the M5 ,they were approaching the final stage,passing along the Somerset roads,through Taunton,then into Tiverton and Biddeford,and finally to their destination,Bude.It had been their favoured spot ,a place where their shared memories were positive,healing almost,and they loved that their boys just couldn’t wait to get there.

Granted ,the repeated refrain of “Are we nearly there yet”,was serious childish Jokeying,but to Bob and Jill,it was their family life.Families come in all shapes and sizes,and this family was ,to those who didn’t know ,pretty normal But there is no such thing as a “normal” family,it just doesn’t exist.

Both of their boys had mothers unable to cope with life,but they would know that their children were looked after by Jill and Bob.They were loved ,and,by now,they were nearly there.


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