That steady pace through forest,with snapping twig and branch is oh so addictive.You hear a sound to the East:Maybe it’s a Fox,a deer,or a badger.You hope it is,for you love in silent sharing with the animals whose residence they gladly share with you.

Although your thoughts are more akin to the hustle and bustle of life,as you walk,as your cadence settles to the beat of their cycles,you start to penetrate that outness that life is,those surface things that must be attended too,Time moves you,and as you move deeper into the forest,your perception of your own issues changes,you relax into a space that resides underneath yourselves.Like the parts of a string quartet,the Cello and the Viola,you realise that they are always there,those parts of yourselves,but you don’t have time to attend to them as much because your are so so busy with the immediate matters.

Forests,Wether Natural or manmade all have the power to heal us of our mental stresses to a degree.It is such a privilege to live near them,and I always love the sounds of voices,of families,of people,like me,with their dogs,enjoying them.To me,they suck you in to their special aura and they had ve a safeness to them that defies their size.Yes,they are organic,subject to change,but the nature of the change is never irrational,never so sudden as to cause us trauma,

My pace ,although not fast,is brisk enough to catch the breeze as I go around the corner towards the river crane as it cradles my local forest.It is a friend to so many our local forest and while the electrical pylon transmits it’s energy,the where healing power of our forest is a giant among feel good friends.Its was a friend to my son when was a child,firstly with me on our bikes,then ,when he was a teenager,to him as he walked ran and cycled through its pathways,where he found healing for his life.So,our forest becomes the perpetual friend of so many in what is known as our new town here in Dorset.

My strides take a predictable turn these days,my cadence ,not perfect,but sometimes interrupted veering on the plagal pastoral.Its a gift from Mother Nature,a natural resource,a local gem ,and one that i savour.


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