September 1st.

There is a change in the air,a chill,a climate pill has been taken,

Yes,a collective one,coated in specks of sun,but underneath ,Autumn is around the corner.

This first day of the new month is a change of direction,a call to more concerted action,

Schools are looking to the new term,colleges call their students to new courses,new horizons.

Our elderly notice the new month,harness their reserves ,their body heat needs depletion,their hearts miss a beat as temperatures start to dip,

It’s never wise to ignore the changes around us,for soon the leafs will start to die off,

Textures,light and sun rays will equate to change,as the March of the seasons break up our sun worshipping.

But,to be fair,September has a personality,a robustness,a consciousness as all get back to work,as all are encouraged not to shirk,

With memories of Summer walks,picnics,and barbecues become a distant memory,we welcome the change,the pulse of intent,the push of action,the magnet of achievement awaits,

Let’s give it a go this September and see where it takes us,eh!

Thank you.



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