Missed the sweet peas.

Where I live,or should I say,just up the road,a man lived for decades :he might have been completely unknown to me and I to him too.Except for one vital thing:he loved to grow sweet peas and they were put outside his front gate in generous bunches for the modest sum of one pound.Their colours and scents lifted me when I would walk to my local convenience shop as he lived opposite the road at the traffic lights.Now,I wasn’t the only one who got pleasure from his flowers and often his bunches were snapped up extremely quickly ,with the side road being used by his customers to place their pound coins in the jam jar in exchange for these wonderful flowers.It would have been understandable if he had increased his prices,but he never did,and I for one appreciated profoundly when though low mood depression ,I would clutch these bunches in my mitts as I walked home.

Now,some people achieve status in life by various means,and I observe how many folk become celebrities for their talents and ability.However,this man just quietly gave to our community through the gift of flowers,a simple display in a competitive world,but his contribution got me through some bad times.Oftentimes,I’ve looked at pictures from the internet of flowers that through their colours,have lifted me ,inducing a feel good factor .However,the smell and colours of these sweet peas is such a special feeling to me and during this year,I have missed these flowers and I wonder how the man is,and I wonder if he is still there,or now in a home,or ,alas,has passed away.As I reflect the memory of these flowers,I am thank you that I lived near this man and feel grateful that he grew these plants,picked them,and shared them with his community.



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