This Saturday.

It’s a slow slow start for me this morning:maybe it’s that my dogs were up in the night,or I just slept oddly,but I can’t get myself going.For the last 5 minutes,I looked at my glass f water on the bedside table but without tasting any.That is odd, because I am thirsty.Wow,what indolence,I couldn’t even make the effort to reach out to get the glass to connect with my lips and tilt it to the drinking position.Now,if your d spent an evening of drinking and revelry the night before,then I would maybe understand,but I had a very conservative time last night .Maybe I’m getting older,just maybe,or I’m indeed just lazy.Now,that binary approach to a situation isn’t really my preferred option,and as I write this,thoughts come into my head that life is never that binary.

This Saturday is starting off slowly because I’ve slowly been coming up of a very deep sleep,one that happens every so often,and I need to give myself some time to fully wake up.You know that feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night and you take a while to drop back off again,well that was me and now I’m needing to make an adjustment.Writing this reminds me of how ,at times,small adjustments are needed in life rather than opposite directions in many ways.You might feel that in order to make improvements in say exercise or a learning plan that you have to go for broke,full on as it were,when exercise might just start with literally walking more ,just a few steps more of a morning,but every morning just a few,then by degrees,you find yourself enjoying that process and you warm to it building yourself up to it as it were until you look forward to that walk each day.

If I could venture an opinion on exercise,it would be just that ,doing a little,but often and allowing that often to become a routine.Granted,it’s easy to preach that because all our circumstances vary ,but most of us can walk a little more,whereas many of us risk injury by too zealous workouts ,too soon.Granted,we don’t know where that walking will lead ,to some ,it has led them to walk up mount Snowden,of walking a part of the coast around Britain,but it might mean today ,the difference between getting out of a hospital bed and walking along a corridor than not.It can be as simple as a few hundred steps ,but those steps build up and up and up.

Now,this writing about exercise has had the affect of galvanising my mind to thinking in a more upbeat way ,so I’m less tired now at just after 8,but I’m sorry if my thought muse has appeared vague today,but this blog is as it says on the tin,just my musings and I thank you for reading them .

Have the best of Saturdays that you can have and thank you for your attention.



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