“Every day is a special occasion”

“Every day is a special occasion”:Reading that quote from a social media post the other day affected me in a profound way for reasons that ,to me ,make complete sense.Life can be fragile,snuffed out in an instant of time,or shortened by illness and accidents or addiction that non can really foresee.That said,living in a complicated world with its attendant challenges,can play havoc with our coping mechanisms leaving us cut adrift ,like a Yacht without a rudder.Returning to the opening quote,to many people who live with illness,addiction,or mental affliction,those sentiments are indeed salient.If the quote sounds over the top it might be that our life is largely on an even keel,that the rudder of our existence is pretty straight and secure.

To be in a state of constant turmoil though is also a very stressful thing,so it’s not surprising that as humans,we try to control as much as we can and we look to our daily routines to stabilise things for us as much as possible.Realities like colours tend to illuminate our paths and life can’t always be on a high.That said,I do return to the quote with quite a bit of appreciation as regards the phrase and I get how it would chime with many people.

So,this day can be a special occasion in that there will be people today who would have had tragic news,would have lost a loved one,or would have lost a treasured pet.

As that quote might pop up in your life,maybe you will have your thoughts on it too and you might equate memories of past experiences and happenings that you can have your own opinion on the title quote of my daily muse today.

Thank you for your interest on my daily muse.


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