Autumn knocking at the door.

From a baking hot summer,with temperatures reaching record levels,our Dorset climate suddenly seems to have dipped not only at nighttime,but that crisp morning air almost acts as an alert ,a stimulus in many ways to a different time .As I reflect upon it a little more deeply ,it never stuck me that much when I lived in Cornwall that stark change in atmosphere from the late Summer to the onset of Autumn,Here though,on our border with Hampshire ,you really get that feeling of season change ,more of a definite partition.

When partition walls are erected ,they become solid,impermeable and they stand in almost perpetuity so that you can forget what went before it.It only when,in the case of a building,you remove that partition,with its studwork of lath and plaster that you realise that once the building was completely different.Just as our summer,the hottest on record since 1976 passed into the annals of history,the Autumn here made its appearance with its own special grandeur.Its always fascinated me that this season of decay and death almost,with the leafs dying off the trees and the flowers being u dressed of their foliage always seems to happen in a backdrop of such artistic beauty.Like a musicians last performance the life carries in in their recordings and in all the concerts that they thrilled us with.As the old leafs act as a natural compost,organic ,a renaissance of vibrant life awaits us as the winter recedes and Spring heralds more growth.

For now though,I will bask in the observance of another autumn ,another season of existence,the passage to another time.

Thank you.


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