The Round houses!

Growing up as I did in Cornwall ,I was always fascinated by them,transfixed,completely obsessed with them you could see.It wasn’t that I lived near ,no,I must have resided all of 30 odd miles from the nearest ones that I knew of.However,I had an Auntie who lived near near,so I would pass them when visiting my auntie Mary.She lived in the village of Probus in Cornwall which is about 5 miles East of Truro.Although the round houses weren’t situated in this village,aunts Mary had a daughter who lived in the hamlet of Ruanhighlanes which was close to Veryan,where they were to be found,

These round houses were always given a mythical status by my auntie,and whenever we got near them,I would be alerted ,even though after a few visits,I knew exactly when they would appear.They were literally round houses,small,almost minute,but with their thatch roofs,they had a character,a personality all of their own that set them apart.My auntie Mary would tell me the same mantra about why they were round,and I guess it is the same explanation for every other round house too:”They be round boy to keep out the wicked spirits”Why,although I had heard these words so many times said in this feral accent with the inflection in the word Spirits,it always sent a chill inside of me when those words were uttered.

These houses stayed with me and like a magnet,when I got my first bike,I would cycle there just to see them.As I got older ,in an odd way,I always hoped that one day I would teach one of the inhabitants the Piano there.Alas,that never came about,but I always reserved a place for the round houses in my mind and heart.As Cornwall became more of a select location to live,their value and appeal has proliferated and they have always seemed to be maintained so very very well.

Sometimes ,a structure that apes 360 degrees appears to appeal to folk from the four corners of the world,in an almost structural Hobbit like way.Im ambivalent about whether they ward off wicked spirits ,but they certainly attracted me as a child and I still have a hankering to enter one of these round houses.

We are all different I suppose,and I have my interests that I muse over and record in this platform.Perhaps you have yours too.Wether you chose to record them or not is your choice.Thank you for reading my words,



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