What I noticed:

It’s quite early on this Saturday to have noticed much in many ways:the sleepy dust is still attached to my eyes,and that half awake feeling hasn’t quite left me.Although a drink of water by my side acts to moisten my lips,I’m not conscious of any great observation.So why write about it?Why indeed,except that it’s the first part of any new day for us all.

Now,the people that market breakfast cereals ,well,at least when I was younger,would have us think that everyone jumped out of bed,right into action ,ready for their morning swim,run,Yoga,or the other phlerora of activities that they are disposed too.But,although I’ve not got anything against those things,the only sustenance that I’ve availed myself too is a sip of water.

Writing this blog post also has another interesting personal twist to it for me because I know that ,unlike my younger days,I don’t wake up feeling hungry ,that I wake up and I don’t rush to try to get anything to eat and I mean anything.No,I woke up this morning and I noticed that I just needed a sip of water safe in the knowledge that I don’t feel hungry at this moment .

As my eyes focus on the light seaping through my bedroom window,I am no longer semi conscious,but I get to noticing this day and to thinking that the first stage is over ,that semi conscious stupor is gone for another period and I’m aware of another life pattern beginning its journey.

Looking to my right,I notice my glass of water upon a slate coaster ,and I remember working at the slate quarry as a student and now because I more awake ,I remember some of those men who told stories,sang their songs,had their families,and their vices,and I notice that I enjoy the nostalgia of association.

It’s been a few minutes now since my last sip of water and I notice that my lips have become dry again and so I reach out to the glass in such a simple motion ,but with such a wonderful affect.Swallowing the water doesn’t stop the affect of coolness in the mouth and is so very refreshing to me.Going back to the admen,I reckon I would be their worse nightmare because I’m still in bed after quite a few minutes,and I haven’t felt the need to grapple with the cardboard box with a red cockerill on it because I’m not hungry.

It’s one of those muses this morning,it doesn’t really have a deep meaning,just the authentic need to catalogue a place in my social history ,a realising that a couple of sips of water has been enough for me.How lucky I am eh.

Well,I could tell you if you like what I’m having for breakfast as I will do at some point:It will be Porridge,left to settle after having added vanilla essence with a dash of cinnamon.Now,I blame that their Tom Kerridge,the West Country chef for that recipe ,but he’s a fantastic man with the old cooking.

Have you noticed that with just two sips of water and the thought of prepared Porridge my quite jovial.Either I’m so easy to please,which I normally am,or I’ve noticed something about my life,about if you have the basics ,you have much.Its why I am passionate about children having free schools as a right as a normality and also for their holiday periods.They never asked to be brought into this world ,did they.?

Alright,I’m going off on a socialist tangent and about to lose my one and only reader who isn’t in the outback who reads my stuff ,but that is me this morning.

So,if you have ever noticed anything,wether it’s about your life,something that you might mistakenly think is trivial,record it,via words,drawings,a poem or prose,a photograph,but try expressing what you’ve noticed and see where it takes you.

I’ve noticed that recording things is like that sip of water,it cools my emotional soul,it’s gets the tension outside of us,rather than inside of us.

Didn’t I tell you that I was a marketing nightmare,or had you already noticed?

Yes,I reckon that people notice all sorts of things ,but sometimes,just sometimes,they arnt so good at noticing things about themselves.Non of us are living a charmed life,and some have crap going on that we don’t know of,but that doesn’t stop them from being valued ,special even.It won’t stop you either.

Third sip of water coming up and still not rushing to the Porridge!!!!!

Thank you.



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