The Walk!

Brian did what he loved to do apart from painting :fixing food.This morning was no exception as he raided his sisters larder for a full English .Jenny had a cleaner come personal shopper for her and that meant there was usually an ample supply of groceries purchased for her.He didn’t take long to gather all the ingredients ,firing up the gas stove in preparation for the feast as he liked to call it.As there were guests who probably didn’t feel like preparing any sort of breakfast let alone a cooked one,he set too.As he was in full flow as it were,Jenny appeared looking as if she had been looking at patient notes for most of the night,Brian knew not to pry and also understood that he struggled with illness with any sort of disorder really and Jenny knew it too,preferring to focus on her brothers positive attributes.She smiled at him ,observing the collection of frying pans,the completely immersed Brian determined to feed us all better.It was a quality that he Had inherited from their mum and she loved it in him.While of a normal day ,her breakfast was a simple slice of toast and marmalade,today was indeed a feast to behold.Her slight protestations about her figure were quickly dismissed by Brian who said that in all his years of “live model drawing”,He had never met anyone with a figure like hers,This was another thing that she loved about her brother,even though he could be a fibber,He had the best of hearts.

Their feast downed,Jenny poked her brother in the arm saying”how about that walk then”..?

Brian was concerned for her guests but Jenny told him that they had already left for the hospital.Brian thought that they were such a nice family and then his artistic temperament crept in and he felt angry that if there was a god ,why should it be that good people who try their best in life should have to deal with a child who is so poorly.

Even though it was a thought,Jenny could tell by his bearing that he had something in his mind and she stopped poking him and called him her favourite brother which of course was true in one way but a little misleading to as he was her only brother.Brian composed himself with Jenny thinking that he must be thinking about Aunt Lucy .

As they walked in the common,Jenny asked Brian how He found it at Aunt Lucy’s.At first Brian wanted to spill everything about his insect in of the loft,but he felt that it would be unkind ,so instead he enquired if there were things about Aunt Lucy that she might find surprising.Jenny thought a little ,and kicking up the leaves as she walked,paused:Brian,I don’t really know how to tell you this because mum made me promise that I should never tell you.You see,mum always worried about you because you were fragile as a child,and prone to sensitive outbursts.She also thought that not having a father figure in life meant that you were disadvantaged.”Jenn,what are you saying ..?”Jenny summoned up the best words that she could :”I’m trying to tell you that Mummy had to go away for a while down to aunt Lucy because of a family problem.It was a long time ago Brian and…….”

Brian interjected:”Did it have something to do with Bill..?”

Jenny ,who had no idea that aunt Lucy had kept so much of her past hidden in the loft,let alone allowed it to be easily found too ,was now quite concerned about Brian’s demeanour.

Their conversation ,although not in anger,was very intense,with Jenny realising that her mum had made a big mistake in not talking to her son.Yes,he had been fragile,a lost soul almost,but he deserved to know the truth.She held unto his hand and as the tears came down both of their eyes,they were showing emotions that had been buried for a long time.Jenny had always been the strong one,quite the blue stocking with the robust intellect,but Brian had been the truly talented one,blighted by illness and mental turmoils.

Brian asked what he should do with all these papers from the past.Really,as Jenny pointed out,he didn’t really have to do anything about them for now.Jenny made it clear that it had been aunt Lucy’s Dearest wish that he have the cottage as a boltehole from London life and as a place where he could paint and just have quietness.She was giving any claim that he might have thought she had to it .He she spoke,Brian looked her,his brilliant sister,his kind ,loving sister and friend and then he had an idea.

In that moment on the common,at that time,he knew exactly what the cottage would be good for.

As they walked back to the house,he promised to clear up as Jenny needed to get into the hospital as she had a ward round to do.

Brain mulled over his plans,well,it was more of a sketch as he knew that there were huge obstacles in the way ,but he would borrow Jenny’s writing desk and sketch out his plan while she went into Great Ormond Street.

Brian,ever the sensitive type,thought about the families with the sick children,stuck in hospital and so ether mes without much hope and wondered if he ,Brian Meadows ,along with the life of aunt Lucy,might help these precious young ones.


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