In between the words!

As the narratives of our lives are told in day to day interactions,the spaces in between the words are known by us and guessed at best by the others who are party to these interactions.We can’t really google “What did they mean by that”.Well,I say that ,I suppose that we could ,but it might not give a definitive answer and to come back to my previous phrase that it would be a guessing game that we might put a degree of credence too or not.

In music,the space in between the sounds can be defined by rests,whose exact objective meaning is a sign of silence.These rests vary in length ,and in relationship to the tempo ,pulse,and structure of the piece of music.Now,conversations arnt really like that because they require a different form of listening.Just as words have meanings ,so do the space in between the words too,It’s often said that me might choose our words carefully ,and we do that for a number of reasons.As the spoken word carries a meaning that isn’t on the surface subjective,we want to think about their affect on others.Perhaps a very obvious example lately has been the tirade of abuse that the prime minister of the UK has received because of the country leaving the EU.Some of the words spoken by supposedly educated people in the name of debate is nothing short of scandalous.

While it is true that our exchanges in life wouldn’t take on such a tone,we might do well to appreciate that failing to think before we speak has potential to offend our listener,or even cause then psychological harm.Yes,we all have varying degrees of sensitivity,but as we speak ,a sort of hearing antennae can help us to anticipate how are words are being received,wether they draw people or have a more neutral affect.

In between the words might seem an odd thing to write,but it really is an art to listen ,not just to what is said,but what isn’t said,the way that it is said too.It might seem like a lot of effort,but I’ve often thought that if we could have just hundred spoken words back that we have said to those we love,or are our friends,or work mates,we would grab them all immediately.Maybe I was a little too conservative in just wanting a hundred words back ,as a more liberal estimate might be in the thousands.As the older we get ,the more words are uttered without looking in between to their emotional meaning,their power,their real substance.

So,this is my muse for today and I hope that I have written something that is of interest.

Kernowsmith .


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