Fly on the wall !

Susan had dreamt of walking these corridors at the BBC for so long that she had to pinch herself to realise that she was actually there.Non of her peers had landed this plumb a job,and she knew it.Yes,it was literally starting at the bottom of an elite pile,but she didn’t mind that,she just mucked in ,wanting to d whatever she was asked to do,but with the goal in mind of producing and writing her own drama series one day .As the traditional route for would be writers was always going to be radio,she knew that her research work would be that of an information Do key as it were.

These were the days before the Web,before information could be gleaned from a computer ,and she had to rummage in the archive of the BBC and in the national Library for the information that the producer would invariably demand.Some were kindly to her,others not,but the requests were veiled in threats that if she didn’t perform,there would always be another eager young graduate desperate to take her place and Susan knew what was expected of her.It wasn’t a surprise and she didn’t feel that they were exploiting her in any way ,in fact,quite the opposite.Her degree in English literature suited the requirements of the job so much so,but the very place those corridors ,the old staircases,festooned with pictures of the Beebs heavyweights lifted her and she would walk the floors in delight and pride.She knew that went she went home,there would be the usual conversations with her mother of mine,the scent of nostalgia wafting in the air of her flat.She hadn’t met anyone whom her mum would rate as a star as yet,but she had seen Tony Blackburn and Kid Jensen from a distance.Granted,These protagonists wouldn’t be classed as top dollar stars,but she was going t tell her mum the evening when she got back tin her flat.It just the right thing to do and there would always be other occasions when the chances f meeting the real stars might vie her way.

Wether her caring mentality ,Born out through years of looking after mum ,but she just seemed to make the cast of each Radio play that was performed feel special and like stars,as she made sure they had everything they needed.To Susan,the green room was like a heavenly temple,a place to adorn your most precious guests and they were spoilt beyond limit.

As the new intake of actors for the flagship TV drama series,Play forToday onThursday evening,Susan was asked to act as a runner for the producers ,a gofer u could say.She was so excited to be asked,not really understanding that the seasoned members of staff were reticent to work these punishment no hours because they had husbands and families.To Susan,her work would be her passion,as she really only had Sally and Ben and they lived hundreds of miles away in the North.

That evening,Susan grabbed a sandwich from the BBC canteen,as she raced back to the green room for tonight’s Play for today,a voice as smooth as silk,like a knife through butter cautioned :”Careful young lady”,it was the unmissable tempre of John Dunn,her mums second favourite.She dutifully slowed up dramatically,star struck,emotionally and physically paralysed for a few moments before her embarrassed person led her back to the green room.

That night she spoke to her mum and told her all about it,little knowing that her mum had been the fly in the wall all along.


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