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Getting out of bed is often the hardest thing!

It was cold this morning,well,I say that,but you would know what I mean if you live in the part of the Britain where it’s traditionally never that cold.So,that said,I wasn’t really looking forward to the Parkrun this morning,and that,coupled with too much festive eating on my 60th birthday yesterday,might have contributed to my sluggish start I think.Arriving at the Moors valley country park,equipped with gloves and a water ,go slower top,I navigated my way to the start area.As I did,I had the great fortune of being greeted by two former pupils who gave me such a lift .Before the start of the run,I’d felt like crawling around as it was oh so cold,but just seeing them there,catching up on their lives,and just that shared experience you bet when you’ve shared parts of their lives in a weekly basis is such a naturally magnetic thing.

Now,as I write this from my lounge vantage chair,I’m reflecting on what it means not to allow ones shelf to get isolated in a social sense.This communion with young,vibrant people is such a gift,that I want to write about it,I want to record it now,while it is fresh as it were.Yes,I turned up for my run,like I always try to do,but as I think about it now,it’s like that discipline that being a pianist gives you of just doing your playing every day,you just do it.However,that can be hard,it can be very lonely ,isolating,it can produce wonderful results,but it can also engender a selfish form of musicianship.However,when you

make music with others,when you commune with them,like running with so many others at the Parkrun,why,that becomes altogether a fantastic experience.

Now,as you know,I’m no great shakes as a runner,but I know a bit about music and have devoted thousands of hours of my life to the playing of it,and the teaching of it.This metaphor appears real to me,probably because there have been times in my life when I’ve isolated myself,telling myself that I’m a loner ya da ya da.However,the stories we sometimes tell ourselves are ,at times,destructive,and other people from various walks of life can help us break the cycle of emotional isolation when we think we don’t need interaction,because,mostly ,we do.

So,thank you Park runners ,Thankyou my dear former pupils for your precious encouragement.

Have a lovely day everyone.


My muse for today!

When you’ve made to 60 you could shout hey!

When you’ve made it to 60 ,you could ,you could,you could,

When you’ve made it to 60 your lucky,.plucky,and maybe ,just maybe pleasant,

When you’ve made it to 60,you’ve played the best music ,heard the best,dreamt of composing the best,

When you’ve reached 60,you might have to be thrifty,

When you’ve reached 60,you write your own card,you hope your not too tardy,and you hope your food stays on your plate,

Oh,and when you reach 60,you hope others continue to put up with you and you funny out ways,your grumpy old man diatribes,

When you reach 60,you hold unto your humanity ,because it’s the real thing ,it’s tangible,

So,I’ve reached 60,I’ve written my own birthday muse,I’m not confused ,

I’m sharing a picture of my own childhood haunt as is my want,

Thank you for indulging my 60th.

Rob dreams of the big waves with a new style board.

It’s in its infancy ,thought Rob,but surely making a board using fibreglass resin is the future,and smaller boards too,not the size of killer whales that they used at Fisty and surroundings areas,but smaller ,more streamlined.Rob discussed his ideas with his dad who to his credit,didn’t pooh pooh him,just exercised caution that it would work.Fibreglass was used in the motor trade and with many spinoff uses,but surf boards ,now Rob might just have something there.

He surfed all weekend ,even after a back breaking week at Christians,and he never found it tiring on the water.On Saturday,the tides were tricky,and the seasoned locals had man handled him out of the water ,scolded him for being a nutter,and warned him of the potential risk to his life.Some of the older guys were muscular,burly and tough,but they had grown attached to Rob and really ,they had his best interests at heart.After the chastening experience,Rob hung out with Tom and Craig in their caravette that day.While Rob was still considered a baby in the surfing fraternity,he liked to be with these guys,hearing their stories of riding the waves as it was all he could do just to stay up right.What he lacked in experience he had natural ability in abundance and the older guys saw that but they looked out for him,as if they were his guardian angels.

Rob talked the hind legs off a donkey when it came to his prototype board,and the guys listened,but they had grown up in a different time where the bigger the board,the better to ride,and they weren’t inclined to change their equipment in a hurry.

Rob though was cool with just being in their company,Just to rub shoulders with them so to speak.

Yes,back then in the 1970s,there were so few who rode the waves,that most were seasoned locals,obsessed if you like,but their respect for the waves and the sheer power of the Atlantic at Fisty meant that they knew what damage it could do to life and limb.

They were part of a family ,mostly of men,but there were women too who had surfed in the early days too and who would be in the water most days if the co diction’s were favourable.

Rob just loved these early days,but he would pursue his dreams of becoming a big hitter,and he wouldn’t give up,but he would be protected too by the old guys in their aqua wisdom their respect for Poseidon.

Have the best day that you can!

Those fussy canines of mine,they never want to go out unless coerced with treats,

It’s either too cold,as in yesterday,or too wet,as in this morning,

I don’t know,I’ve never know anything like it,

Would I have the same problems with a feline?

That was a joke,of course a feline would demote me to a staff member ,

My dogs ,on all other counts,are perfect,it’s just the weather that freaks them,

We all

Have things that freak us,but we are loved nonetheless,aren’t we?

So,that’s the not so subtle message today from Kernowsmith ,

Have the best day you can and look after yourselves.

Jack Frost wasn’t lost!

From a cold night,to an icy morning,

To the car that froze with windscreen invisible,

With walk towards village centre,frozen paths,pelican button in function,

Crunchy footprints etched their tread in a memory minus the warmth,minus 3 in fact,

Steady cadence towards doctors surgery to stave off injury or emergency surgery for fall,

Latte coffee,costs a Lottie,but no chance of payment via the Lottery,

Home to delivery of non frozen Amazon prime time,picked by tired hand,

Soon it’s late morning,no time for yawning,pressure dawning,


Lift a heart up that is down trodden,

Lighten the load of another in trouble,

Realise that life isn’t just about us,

Forge a pattern that isn’t just about survival,

Observe what is said,and take more about what isn’t,

Listen,listen,listen,to others,be curious about their views,

No,not to interrupt,but to respect them,

Someone will ALWAYS know more than you,

Find them,ask their advice,ask ,ask,ask,

That’s what I would say.